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Don’t keep on re-setting the circuit breaker if it keeps tripping. This is indicating a fault/problem and needs to be addressed by a professional.

You may be affecting your home and contents insurance if you get ‘mates’ to do installation or unlicensed repair work. It’s just not worth the risk is it?

It all comes down to maintenance, if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t try to fix it, the end result could be worse than when you started. Eg. We had a client recently who was experiencing dripping water into their caravan. As a quick fix they decided to silicone up around the air conditioner unit to prevent dripping from where they thought it was coming from. This affected the airflow and as a result caused overflow water flooding the entire inside of the caravan, causing significant damage to their contents and the caravan itself.

Don’t risk the quick fix! Call and expert!

All images shown with permission from our recently educated clients currently enjoying professional fixed solutions to their air conditioning needs.

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